Sue Feenstra is a 49 year old mother, wife and animal lover. 


Originally from Hereford, England, Sue worked as a fitness instructor in many gyms across her hometown. After leaving the United Kingdom in 1998, Sue continued her career in New Zealand before settling on the Gold Coast, Australia. 

However, after years of heavy exercise, her back began to suffer, forcing her to give up her active life, and ultimately, leaving her bed-bound for months at a time.


With nothing to do, and determined to not let it get her down, Sue’s thoughts turned to those less fortunate. There, while bed-ridden for months, Sue discovered the plight of the Orangutan’s in South East Asia. After much research, she felt compelled to write a book and raise awareness for the destructive deforestation necessary for the production of palm oil.


‘Pongo’ is Sue’s first book, a fictional story about a lively young ape, facing the devastating destruction of his home. Written in breath-taking detail, Pongo transports you to the jungles of Borneo, shares a wonderful insight into the lives of this gentle species, and considers the consequences of deforestation on our wildlife.


Sue is also the creator of Hello Pongo, a brand that aims to stop deforestation by raising funds for associated organisations through its range of palm oil free products.


After undergoing major back surgery in 2017, Sue is now up and about, and back to her energetic self. But with a different outlook on life! With three young grandchildren, Sue’s passion has shifted from making people healthier, to making the world healthier. With the support of her husband and children, Sue plans to write more books that highlight the need for awareness and ultimately, change; so our future generations have a legacy left to enjoy.



Pongo, a spirited young orangutan, loves his life in the rainforest.  His days are spent alongside his mother in the magical tropics of Borneo. Playing amongst the vines, eating plentiful fruit and seeds, and chasing his friends through the trees, he is blissfully unaware that his home is on the brink of destruction.

Don Henderson, a palm oil businessman, is out to make money, regardless of whom or what he has to destroy to achieve this. But when things don’t go to plan he is forced into a situation that he never expected. The cost of which is far greater than he could ever have foreseen.

Follow their incredible journey as their worlds collide and they encounter situations that challenge the very essence of who they are.

Will they discover the true cost of destruction?

Is Pongo’s leafy green home lost forever or does Don pay the ultimate price?

Part-proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to



The story of this spirited young orangutan’s adventures captivated me from the start; a great read with a real message. I loved it. - Kobe Steele; Founder and President - Orangutan Foundation International Australia

Pongo: Hands Through the Forest, is a wonderful story that is full of both excitement and education. It is a tale of two worlds colliding that keeps you guessing what’s coming next, while also opening your eyes to the damage & destruction human expansion & deforestation is causing to native wildlife all over the world. With surprising twists & a heartfelt storyline, Pongo truly captures his audience & makes you feel as if you are in his shoes through out his journey. I love all of the Harry Potter books and loved this just as much. A great read for everyone to enjoy. - Keira R

This well written story, about Pongo a young orangutan living in the rainforests of Borneo, brings home to us the dangers these animals encounter in their daily lives not least the destruction of their habitat by the deforestation carried out by fire on a daily basis by the Palm Oil Companies to enable the land to be planted to supply the increasing popularity and demand for Palm Oil. A very enjoyable story and a good read - Monica B

A well-written story highlighting the truths behind the palm oil industry and its effects on the natural environment. Children and adults alike will enjoy it. - Jesse M

A tale full of loveable characters with an environmental sentiment that will stay with you long after you finish reading. A thoroughly enjoyable & captivating read. - Roxy M

A beautifully descriptive story with an important message. Kids will love it and learn from it. - Siobhan R

Pongo is a well written engaging story well researched and enlightening to the perils of the jungle and the dangers of the palm oil trade. A great way to educate our younger generation while keeping them interested in the wonderful characters in the story. - Christine G

Now, this is one that tweaked my heartstrings. Pongo is a story, about compromise and learning to grow from our mistakes, a lesson I know all of us will reach at some point in our lives. I was captivated by the vivid imagery in this book, and engaged by the depth of empathy behind the characters. This is a must-read for anyone interested in the beauty of our natural world, who want to ensure that beauty remains for many years to come. 

- Jason S



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